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1 Introduction
Staff teaching this module: Jeff Barlow and David Grieve, both have offices in the Reynolds Building.
This module covers the areas that need to be considered when designing structures. These include: statics, vibration, fabrication and corrosion.

2. Assessment
This module is assessed by a combination of examination (70% weighting) and course work (30% weighting - split 0.4 for thin cylinder lab and 0.6 for the analysis of the engineering component).

3. Course Work
There are two pieces of course work:
i) Thin cylinder experiment, done in groups during weeks commencing 13th to 27th October 2003.
Link to information about the thin cylinder experiment
NB Note changed hand in date The hand in date for this report is 4pm Wednesday 18th February 2004.
ii) Structural analysis of an engineering component. Separate information is available about this. The report must be handed in by 4pm on Thursday 18th March.

4. Links to learning support material. Some of these links, below, are to pages which contain 'Engineering Science - MECH 226' in their heading - this is because MECH 226 covers a lot of similar material to this module.
Normally DJG will lecture in the 9.00-10.00 am slot and JWB in the 10.00-11.00am slot, but this will be varied depending upon other demands on peoples time.

The table below is a preliminary programme which will be varied according to student needs.
NB The dates for handing in course work can not be changed unless there are exceptional circumstances.
Week commencing:Topic JWB:Topic DJG:
29-9-2003 Stress in 2 dimensions: Part 1;
Part 2;
Welding Processes
6-10-2003 Stress in 2 dimensions: Mohr Circle
Mohr circle for strain
Two dimensional stress and strain tutorial questions
Solution to Tutorial Question 1a; Q 1b; Q 1c; Q 2a; Q 2b; Q 2c; Q 3a; Q 3b; Q 4a; Q 4b; Q 5a; Q 5b;
Welding Defects
Part 3 - worked eg.;
Part 4 - worked eg.;
Part 5
Stresses and strains in thin cylinders
Thin cylinder tutorial questions
Thin cylinder tutorial questions solns. Question 1a
Brazing: Information is available on the:
Lucas Milhaupt web site Lucas Milhaupt web site
20-10-2003 Strain in 2 dimensions: Part 1;
Part 2;
Part 3

Q 1b;
Q 2;
Q 3a;
Q 3b;
Q 4;
Corrosion and protection
Corrosion notes
US Army information about marine corrosion
The Corrosion Source A lot of the information here is available only to subscribers.
Part 2; cont., Strain gauge rosette
Corrosion and protection continued.
Part 3
Free undamped vibration notes and examples, 47 kB .pdf file
10-11-2003Shear from transverse loading 1Rotary oscillations
Compound pendulum
17-11-2003Shear from transverse loading 2Examples of free vibration
Mass pulley spring, page 1
Mass pulley spring, page 2
NB The following 3 files are about 100kB each.
Example mass dropped on beam, page 1
Example mass dropped on beam, page 2
Example mass dropped on beam, page 3
24-11-2003Shear flow 1 Free damped vibration notes and examples, 73 kB .pdf file *
Applet to simulate free vibration of a second order system.
1-12-2003Shear flow 2Free damped vibration continued.
Example oscillating beam, page 1
Example oscillating beam, page 2
Example oscillating beam, page 3
Columns - link to efunda web pages.
Free damped vibration continued
Flat Plates - Instability under in plane loading
Forced undamped vibration notes and examples, 63 kB .pdf file
Buckling of a cylindrical shell under external pressure, using FEA, etc.
For further detail and explanation see: Douglas Wright Pages at the University of Western Australia
Case study of ship hull buckling in stranding report on Chilean Navy ship Valdivia
Forced undamped vibration notes and examples, 63 kB .pdf file, continued.
19-1-2004 Beams

Deflections and slopes in beams Part 1;

Forced damped vibration notes and examples, 78 kB .pdf file
26-1-2004Part 1;, cont. Forced damped vibration notes and examples, 78 kB .pdf file, cont.
2-2-2004 Part 2 Forced damped vibration notes and examples, 78 kB .pdf file, cont.
Simulating vibration with Matlab Simulink
9-2-2004Beams cont. Rotating unbalance notes and examples, 37 kB .pdf file
16-2-2004 Beams cont. Rotating un-balance continued, Example
Measurement of Vibration - Accelerometers
23-2-2004...Two degree of freedom systems:
Worked example
1-3-2004...Vibration of continuous beams Vibration of a cantilever beam (NB this is 500 kB)
8-3-2004...Tutorial vibration tutorial questions and solutions

Data Sheets The booklet of Data sheets which will be available during the exam can be found here

Vibration: High Quality learning support material can be found on Professor Brian Stone's, University of Western Australia, site: Click here

Beams tutorial questions
Beams tutorial questions solns. Question 1a; Q 1b; Q 2a; Q 2b; Q 3a; Q 3b; Q 4a; Q 4b; Q 4c; Q 5a; Q 5b;

Additional questions and worked examples.
Beams 1
Beams 2
Stress and strain in two dimensions.
Solutions for Beams 2
Solutions for 2D stress and strain questions:
1.a, 1.a circle, 1.b, 1.b circle, 1.c, 1.c circle, 2.a, 2.b, 2 circle, 3, 3 circle

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