Manufacturing Processes
- Metal cutting and forming


Metal Cutting
2.1 Machining, Introduction
2.2 Cutting geometry
2.3 .... Forces
2.6.1 .... Tools
2.7 Tool materials
Principles of Metal Deformation
3.1 Introduction
.....Plane strain yielding
.....Axisymmetric compression of a cylinder applet
.....Relationship between coefficient of friction and frictional shear factor
3.2.1 Material Properties - laws governing metal flow
3.2.2 Stress - Strain Curves
3.2.3 Work and Efficiency in Metal Forming
3.2.4 Friction between workpiece and tools
3.2.5 Redundant Work and 3.2.6 Relationship Between Hardness and UTS
3.4 Processes
The main processes can be grouped under the following headings:
3.4.1 Forging
2. Rolling, example on cold rolling: Page 1, Page 2, Page 3
3.4.3 Extrusion and 3.4.4 Drawing
3.4.4b Wire drawing: Pressure on the die and axisymmetric yielding
3.4.5 Sheet metal processing
Notes on Mohr's circle for stress analysis.

19th November 2012