Introduction to the Notes

1. Introduction
These web pages are intended to provide learning support material for some of the topics found in an honours degree course in mechanical engineering. These notes were developed over a number of years while the author was lecturing at the University of Plymouth. One of the advantages of web pages is that it is easy to incorporate interactive material in the form of Java applets and these pages contain several.
In 2008 the author wrote and published a book [1] on mechanical engineering design, with the theme of automotive engines, which was used to draw together some of the subjects that make up mechanical engineering while providing a focus to encourage student involvement. These web pages will complement the book, which includes much more detail and background than is contained in these pages.

The topics currently covered in this site:

2. Interactive Java Applets
Instructions for using the applets is given on the web page that loads the applet. While it is usually preferable to use SI units for all engineering calculations, this often leads to inconvenient data entry, involving lots of zeros! For this reason the required input is often NOT in SI units and the unit to be used is specified in the adjacent label at the left of the input box.
Most of the applets would run within the main browsers (Internet Explorer, Netscape, Firefox, Chrome - sometimes needing a Java plugin installed / activated) without difficulty.
From version Java 7 update 51 security has been enhanced and Applets without certificates will not run without a work around. My Applets do not have such certificates, but the following steps will enable them to run:

However Applets may still not run if your browser or Windows security level is set to the highest. Setting to the intermediate level will normally enable the applets to run. Depending upon your browser a few of the applets may need the Java Run Time Environment (JRE) to be downloaded and installed on the computer. With a broadband connection this is usually quick and straight forward.

List of and Links to Interactive Engineering Resources, Java Applets and JavaScript
These are Java Applets unless it is stated that they are JavaScript.


Calculator operating with Reverse Polish Notation (RPN) click here

Design and Stress Analysis

Bolt proof loads with plot click here
Bolt ultimate load calculator (JavaScript) click here
Bolt (or rivet) stresses in an array caused by an offset load with plot click here
Buckling of a column with plot click here
Buckling of a column calculator (JavaScript) click here
Clutch design calculator (JavaScript) click here
Column subject to eccentric load click here
Engine (ICE, 4 stroke petrol) thermodynamics and slider crank mechanism click here
...original version - user states volumetric efficiency
Engine (ICE, 4 stroke petrol) thermodynamics and slider crank mechanism click here
...newer version - volumetric efficiency calulated from inlet valve lift and diameter and early exhaust valve opening can be included
Fatigue - modified Goodman diagram click here
Fracture mechanics - Stress intensity factor and crack growth rate calculations click here
Fracture mechanics - Paris equation for crack growth, conversion of factor 'C' for different units click here
Shaft diameter required to withstand bending moment and torque, Tresca and von Mises criteria (JavaScript) click here
Spring design / analysis click here
Stress concentration factors - flat plate with a central hole click here
Stress concentration factors - stepped shaft with shoulder click here
Two dimensional stress analysis, Mohr circle and von Mises failure criterion click here


Link to Java Applet that computes the load capacity and pressure distribution for a tilted pad thrust bearing
A Java Applet to assist with journal bearing design is given here
Comparison of Raimondi and Boyd chart result with Java applet (above) click here
Vibration Free vibration of a second order system click here Metal Forming Axisymmetric compression of a cylinder click here Civil Engineering Stability of a wall subjected to a uniform wind load - click here

I plan to add additional resources in due course.

3. References relating to Design
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Specifically about Engines / Vehicles:
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Useful Reference:
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** Indicates the text includes tables / charts from Raimondi and Boyd for plain hydrodynamic journal bearing design.

4. Contact the Author
Please contact me for comments and / or corrections or to purchase the book, at:

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