Buckling Load Calculator - Centrally Loaded Column

This section first calculates the critical slenderness ratio, Cc for the material whose properties are entered, compares this Cc value with the slenderness ratio of the column and if the slenderness ratio is greater than Cc, the buckling load is calculated by the Euler formula, whereas if the slenderness ratio is less than Cc, the Johnson formula is used.

Enter the values in the units shown into the boxes then click on the 'Calculate' button.

Young's Modulus, E, GN/m2
Yield Strength, sy, MN/m2
Actual Length, m:
End Fixing Factor, K:
Second Moment of Area, I, mm4:
Radius of Gyration, k, mm:
Area of cross section, A, mm2:

Critical slenderness ratio, Cc, for this material:

Euler load, N:

Johnson formula load, N:

David J Grieve. Revised 1st March 2010. Original: 27th August 1999.