Mechanical Engineering Design Notes

Design Contents

Preliminary Matters
Design Methodology
..brain storming
..evaluation matrix
Statistical Considerations
..variability in materials
..variability in dimensions
..variability in loading
..preferred sizes
Design Factor
Introduction to Failure
Failure Theories
Application of von Mises
..criterion in 2 D

Stress Concentration
..and notch sensitivity
Failure Under Combined Loading
..combined bending and torsion
Failure Under Cyclic Loading
..fracture mechanics
Instability - Buckling
Concentrically Loaded Strut
..slender columns
..Euler formula
..effective length
..short and intermediate columns
Eccentrically Loaded Strut
.. theory
Shock Loading

Evaluation of Geometric Stress Concentration Factor
Using JavaScript or a Java Applet
Plate Subject to Tension With Hole in Centre

Stress Concentration Calculator
Hole radius:
Plate width:

Answer (Stress Concentration):


This applet determines the theoretical stress concentration factor for a rectangular plate subject to tension (in a horizontal direction in the applet below) with a central hole. The ratio of the hole diameter / plate width should not exceed 0.5.

Enter the plate width and hole radius in mm and click on the 'Calculate' button.

This stress concentration factor is for use with the average stress calculated on the net reduced cross section area, ie:

stress = force / (plate thickness (plate width - hole dia.)). The position of the maximum stress is indicated by the red crosses.

These calculations are based on information contained in "Roark's Formulas for Stress and Strain", 6th Ed. McGraw Hill, 1989 and also "Stress Concentration Factors", by R E Peterson, John Wiley and Sons, 1974. Both these publications contain information relating to a large number of configurations.

David Grieve, Revised: 30th July 2017, 28th January 2010; 3 March 2003; Original: 24th August 2000.

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