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Diagrams from Computation by Scilab

The inputs and computed results for the diagrams below are shown in column 3 of this link.

Diag. 1: Oil pressure (MPa) around bearing centre line, starting at maximum film thockness.
Starting viscosity: 0.0256 Pa.s, 5000 iterations, resolved load: 2201.1N, No. of circular intervals: 180

Diag. 2: Polar plot of Diag. 1. Radial pressures are in MPa, BUT NB. the base circle is at 3 MPa.
The shaft is rotating in a clockwise direction.

Diag. 3: Contour plot of pressures in the oil film ('unwrapped'), Pa

Diag. 5: Viscosity is in units of Pa.s

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David J Grieve, 10th February 2015

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