Free Vibration Simulation Applet

Enter values for the 5 inputs in consistent units. Even if an input is zero, 0 must be entered in the appropriate box. Click on the 'Compute' button and the values will be calculated and the response plotted.
Putting in a damping coefficient that gives a damping ratio of exactly one, does not plot.
For the underdamped configuration the time duration of the plot is 3.33 cycles if the damping ratio zeta is less than 0.6 and 5/6 of a 'cycle' if zeta is greater than 0.6.
For the over damped configurations the plot duration time is 1.67 times the theoretical periodic time computed from the natural frequency.
The maximum response value shown is the value computed at a discrete time, NOT the true maximum.

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David J Grieve, 7th March 2002.