Java buckling calculation and plotting programme - Johnson and Euler criteria - for concentrically loaded columns. 

Enter the values in the units indicated in the top 7 boxes. For an end fixing factor enter a value from the table below.

End FixingsTheoretical K valuePractical K value
pinned frictionless ends:K=1K=1
fixed ends:K=0.5K=0.65
fixed - pinned and guided:K=0.7K=0.8
fixed - free:K=2K=2.1

Click on the 'Calculate' button.

For slender columns, with a slenderness ratio greater than the critical value, the Euler load is calculated and diplayed. For short and intermediate columns, the Johnson load is calculated and displayed.

David Grieve. Revised: 21st February 2010. Original: 31st August 1999