Java Applet to Determine the Pressure Distribution and the Total Load During Axisymmetric Compression of a Cylinder

Enter the values in the units indicated.

The coefficient of friction when surfaces are well lubricated may be between 0.05 and 0.1, in the absence of lubrication the coefficient of friction will probably be above 0.25.

If the flow stress is entered in MPa the pressure distribution is in MPa. If a value of 1 MPa is entered for the flow stress, Y, then the pressure distribution and vertical axis scale is the ratio p/Y and the total load is reduced by a factor equal to Y.

When determining the flow stress to enter, consideration needs to be given to the strain that the workpiece has undergone (cold work) or strain rate (hot work) and the appropriate calculation carried out.

The value 'r1' is the radial position of the boundary between the zone where the workpiece is sliding on the tools and sticking to the tools.

A negative value of r1 indicates no sticking is occurring.

A value of r1 greater than the workpiece diameter/2 indicates that sticking is occurring over the entire end surfaces.

Values of r1 between 0 and diameter/2 indicate some sticking and some sliding is occurring and the boundary is at radius r1.

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David J Grieve, 13th February 2003.